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In today's financial marketplace, a well-maintained portfolio is vital to any investor's success. As an individual investor, you need to know how to determine an asset allocation that best conforms to your personal investment goals and risk tolerance. In other words, your portfolio should meet your future capital requirements and give you peace of mind while doing so.We at Financial Mangers provide you right fit for your portfolio.


Low Risk Plan

10 % / after 12 months

  • Min :10000
  • Max 10000000
  • Low risk plan is a plan is where investments are done in government securities

Average Plan

14 % / after 12 months

  • Min :25000
  • Max 30000000
  • Average Plan is one of its kind and its invested to different mutual funds and equity

High Return Plan

18 % / after 12 months

  • Min :35000
  • Max 10000000
  • High Return Plan is invested completely into equity

Long Term Plan

70 % / after 60 months

  • Min :50000
  • Max 50000000
  • Long Term Plan is for customers who want to keep invested for long term

SIP plan

1.1 % / after 1 months

  • Min :5000
  • Max 10000000
  • SIP Plan is for the customers who want to invest money monthly in the form of SIP. The plan minimum duration is 6 months

Custom Plan 1

100 % / after 72 months

  • Min :100000
  • Max 50000000
  • Custom plans are client requested. Compound interest is added every year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Finance Managers we have all the answers to commonly asked questions, our experts have the knowledge to inform on any query you may have. If you can't find an answer below then please get in touch with us.


    Finance Manager is a online investment platform where you can invest in multiple sectors.
    We help our client do proper Risk assessment – meaning, we study their risk-taking ability and educate them about it.
    We help them select those products which suits their risk-appetite by following the product suitability guidelines set forth by SEBI – the Regulator.
    We constantly follow up with the Fund managers to understand the expense ratios, portfolio turnovers, and the fund manager's rationale in doing so.
    We stay away from products which are not having quality portfolio – meaning those with higher credit risk, and will not sell such products to our investor clients.
    We have built many no-clutter, no-nonsense, easy-to-use financial utilities in the platform to manage your hard-earned money.
    We are a passionate and motivated team of Finance, Tech and Operations professionals backed by an immensely experienced team of Board of Advisors and a highly skilled group who continuously thrive for increasing customer satisfaction and build a long-term relationship.

  • Finance Manager is an online investment platform that aims to provide an efficient and ethical investment service to individuals and small businesses. Our platform will allow investors from all income brackets to invest their savings ethically and efficiently, by becoming an informed-investor.
    We provide a very wide range of services from Equity to forex and Crypto(on request)

  • We have our plans starting from 5 Thousand . For higher amounts contact support.
    We accept Bank transfers(IMPS,RTGS,NEFT), Paypal ,Credit cards ,Crypto currencies ,Cash ,Perfect money ,ADVcash ,International Bank transfers for any other payment methods please contact support. Your funds will be credited to your account within 1 hour.
    Withdrawals can be done anytime after the bounded period of the plan and will be processed immediately. For any withdrawals between the bounded period contact support.

  • 1.Fund Management - We manage your funds with the plans selected as per your need.
    2.Portfolio Management - We manage your portfolio based on your goals set
    3.Investment Advise - We provide investment advices to clients based on the needs.
    We offer free consultation for registered users and guide you to choose your best financial plan and you can set your goals accordingly. For Fund Management the fund is with Finance Manager so there is no need to pay tax on any profit gained as the Finance Manager pays tax for all the profit earned on behalf of client.

  • All the funds are held in the bank securely and we will provide a invoice of the amount received ,as a token of gesture we are providing agreements or we are also providing postdated cheques for the amount deposited in Finance Managers. Clients can opt for any of them contact support for more details.

  • Yes, we will manage the client account.Contact support if you have more questions.


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